8 Websites to Make 100-200$ Per Day

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8 Websites to Make Money Online (100$/Day)

Here is the List of 8 Websites which can Make You Earn 100$ Per Day: –

1- SkillShare (Earn $0.05 to 1$ Per Minute Watched)

make money skillshare

SkillShare.com is a learning platform with online classes.

You can Make Money by Creating these Classes Like: –

    • Business (Management, Marketing, Freelance)
    • Photography
    • Beginner Guides to Any Topic which is Really Useful
    • Lifestyle
    • Productivity (Example- Create a Perfect Morning Routine, How to Wake Up Early)
    • Creative Writing
    • Music
    • Animation & Graphic Design (Example- Photoshop Basics)
    • Film & Video
    • Web Design

You get paid based on how many minutes watched by Premium Students to your Skillshare classes each month.

You can earn $0.05 or $0.10 per minute watched. This means that if Premium Students watched 10000 minutes of your class, you could easily earn between $500 to $1000

Also, You can Earn $10 Commission for each premium subscription referral to SkillShare thr0ugh your Personal Referral Link.

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2- Amazon Associates (Make Money by Selling Amazon Products)

Amazon Associates allows you to earn 1-12% on purchases made using your affiliate link on your Website or Youtube Channel or Instagram Page or Facebook Page or App or any other Social Media Account where you have Many Followers.

You can earn a commission when Someone Buys Amazon product by Clicking through your Amazon Affiliate Link (https://amzn.to/xxxxxxx).

Amazon Associates does pay a 1-12% commission on sales

What Did You Need?

        • Active Instagram/Twitter Account, Youtube Channel, Website, Blog, or App

3- Upwork (Trade Hours for Making Money)

Upwork.com is basically a Professional Online Freelancing.

So, If you are good at any of these categories like Editing, Blog Writing, Web Development, Graphic Design/Logos, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting.

There is plenty of Skills here. If you are gonna any of those, you can Make Money through Upwork.

It works like For Example; I want to hire a Writer for My Blog, So I Just Go to Upwork.com and Type Content Writer on Find Freelancer Search Box. You can find people there with specific skills.

So You can Define the thing you are good at & you can set your hourly rate Like 40$/hour or 60$/hour

Here Look at the Numbers in Below Screenshot. They had Earned Over 60000$+, $10000+

upwork earn money online

So Just Create a Profile & Tag it with the things that you are good at & get endorsed by Clients (Customers) for your skills and Start Making Money Online.

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4- Google Adsense (Place Ads & Earn Money)

Google AdSense is a free way to earn money by placing ads on your blog, Website, or Youtube Channel.

What Did You Need?

        • Blog, Website or Youtube Channel (Blog/Website Cost Around $40-$50)
        • For Youtube Channel, You Need Atleast 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.
        • For Blog, You Need 20-30 Quality Posts, Seo & Traffic.

5- Shopify (Create Online Store & Sell Products)

Shopify.in is a commerce platform that allows anyone to sell online, at a retail location easily, and everywhere in between.

Shopify handles everything from marketing & payments, to secure checkout & shipping.

What Did You Need?

        • 29$/Month (1 Month Free Trial)
        • Sell Product which has High Demand
        • Find New Products that catch someone’s attention in your product niche.

6- ClickBank (Make Money by Selling Affiliate Products Online)

ClickBank.com is an affiliate marketing program that pays High commissions if you make a Sale Product through your Affiliate Link.

There are 1000 of Products are listed on ClickBank.

What Did You Need?

        • Any Social Media Account (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Telegram) or Blog/Youtube to Promote Products
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7- Udemy (Make Money by Selling Courses)

Udemy.com is an online learning & teaching marketplace with over 100000 courses and 24 million students

It is very similar like SkillShare, but In this Platform, You Will Get Paid Per Course.

You can make a lot of money by Creating Online Video Courses in Your Field or have Expertise in a specific niche like: –

    • Personal Development
    • Photography
    • Business
    • Design
    • Music
    • Marketing
    • Development
    • IT & Software
    • Other

Earn money every time a student (Any Person) purchases your course.

Become an Instructor Now & Discover Your Potential.

You are basically Creating Courses & Helping people to learn new skills, advance their careers by sharing your knowledge. And of Offcourse Making Money through it.

People are Earning Over 3000$ to 5000$ per Month by Just Selling their Courses through Udemy.

You can check below Payment Proofs.

What Did You require?

        • Basic Knowledge or Skill of Anything (which solves the problem)
        • Smartphone to Record Video Course
        • Basic Editing
        • Screencasting Software, like Camtasia
        • Practice, Hard work & Dedication

8- Flippa (Buy & Sell Websites and Make Money)

flippa earn money online

Flippa is a Website to Buy and Sell Online Businesses (Dropship/E-Commerce Websites, Android/iOS Apps or Games, Domains)

You can Buy Domain (abc.com) for Low Price (10$) & Sell It High Price (50-100$ or Higher) in a Short Period of Time.

Or You can Make a Blog like Tricks3.com (Cost Domain 10$ + Shared Hosting 30$ + Flippa Listing $10 = Around 50$) & Run it for 5-6 months and sell it for about 150-200$ or Higher Easily.

What Did You Need?

        • Basic Knowledge for Buying and Selling Domain/Blogs
        • Flippa Domain listings cost $10 per listing (In Order to List Your Domain for Sell on Flippa)
        • Must Watch Lot of Youtube Videos & Read Articles Before Getting Started.
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Now Do It

Let me know in the Comment Section Below if you have Any Suggestions in Making Money Online!

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